Privacy and Security

We collect your personal information for the purpose of filling your orders and for
updating you with new products or sales via email.

We will never share, sell or trade your personal information with any other company.

If you register an account on the website, we will automatically add your email to our email list.


Is our website secure?

  Our new website is secure. 

  We have a dedicated ip, and we have an SSL certificate which can be viewed by going to

  Type in and you will see this certificate (we use Comodo):


 SSL certificate

Common Name =

Subject Alternative Names =,

Issuer = PositiveSSL CA 2

Serial Number = DF6B8D14F2274C477A829AA6AC2CD1B2

SHA1 Thumbprint = CA24242DE08331B4F02CA7AE35891D0C3B5AC91F

Key Length = 2048 bit

Signature algorithm = SHA1 + RSA (good)

Secure Renegotiation: Supported